Shaolin Kung Fu Group Training Curriculum


1. Basic Skills in Shaolin Wushu
2. Shaolin Basic Training - Warm Up, Endurance, Stretching, Basic Drills
3. Qin Na 1-15
4. Shaolin Kung Fu Basics, Stretching and Drills
5. StretchingTraining Methods
Duration: (1 Month)


1. 18 Qin Na
2. Qin Na Tiger Style 1
3. Shaolin Kung Fu 18 Methods
4. Shaolin 5 Animals Kung Fu (Wu Xing Quan)
5. 8 Step Chang Quan
6. Xiao Hong Quan - Basic Footwork
7. Xiao Hong Quan
8. Wu Bu Quan
Duration: (3 Month)


1. 18 Basic Methods and Combat Applications
2. 18 Basic Techniques (Ji Ben Gong Shi Ba Shi)
3. Shaolin Xiao Lian Huan Quan (Small Linked Quan)
4. Qin Na Training Methods and Tools
5. Yin Hand Cudgel or Negative-Hand (Yin Shou) Staff
6. Single Broadsword (Dan Dao)
7. Xiao Hong Quan Combat Applications
8. Small Soft Kung Fu (Xiao Rou Quan)
9. 12 Step Chang Quan
Duration: (3 Month)


1. Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Exercises
2. Shaolin Xiao Jia Quan (Small Frame Kung Fu)
3. 18 Arhat Skills (Luohan Shi Ba Shou)
4. Stretching Balance Skills (Tong Zi Gong) 2 Combative (Dynamic) Form
5. Shaolin Virgin Boy Exercise (Tong Zi Gong) 1 Meditative (Static) Form
6. Wushu Chang Quan Yi Duan (Routine 1)
7. Pressure Points Attack (Dian Xue Shu Qin Na) 1
Duration: (3 Month)


1. Wing Chun Basic Lessons 1-60
2. Tai Chi Warm Up Exercises
3. Yang 8 Basic Steps - Beginner
4. Yang Style Tai Chi 24 Form
5. 20 Techniques Kung Fu (Quan Shu Er Shi Fa)
6. Shaolin Xing Gong Quan
7. Shaolin Chain Whip (Jiu Jie Bian)
8. Pressure Points Attack (Dian Xue Shu Qin Na) 2
Duration: (3 Month)


1. Siu Lim Tao and its Applications
2. Yang Style Tai Chi 10 Form
3. Yang Style Tai Chi 16 Form
4. 36 Combat Methods
5. Shaolin Big Plum Blossom Kung Fu
6. Shaolin Baduan Jin
7. Shaolin Luohan Sanda
8. 32 Joint Lock Methods
9. 36-Form Cudgel or Staff
10. Pressure Points Attack (Dian Xue Shu Qin Na) 3
Duration: (6 Months)


1. Wing Chun Chum Kiu - Second Form
2. Chen Style Taichi Quan Old Frame Routine I & II
3. Tending Fire (Shao Huo) Staff or Cudgel
4. Small Buddhist-Saint Kung Fu (Xiao Luohan Quan)
5. Shaolin Da Hong Quan - Combat Applications
6. 18 Arhat Skills
Duration: (6 Month)


1. Wing Chun Biu Jee - Third Form
2. Wudang Secret Sect Taichi Quan
3. Zui Quan [Drunken Boxing]
4. Taizu Chang Quan
5. Shaolin Kung Fu Linked Hands (Lian Shou Duan Da)
6. Shaolin (Da Luohan Quan)- Big Arhat Quan
7. Yin Yang Cudgel or Staff
8. Shaolin Long Quan (Shaolin Dragon Fist)
Duration: (6 Month)


1. Shaolin Small Drunken Kung Fu (Xiao Zui Quan)
2. Shaolin Qin Na
3. Shaolin Big Drunken Kung Fu (Da Zui Quan)
4. Shaolin Pu Broadsword (Pu Dao)
5. Shaolin 3-Section Staff (San Jie Gun)
6. Shaolin Breeze Sword (Qing Feng Jian)
7. Shaolin Chu Zi Chang Quan (Long Range Kung Fu)
8. Liu He Quan (Six Conformities Boxing)(Dui Lian)
9. Shaolin Damo Sword
10. Wudang - Tian Gang Quan - Big Dipper Fist
11. Taoist Seated Temple Qi Gong
12. Sparrings
Duration: (6 Month)

Internal and External

Train both Internal and External. External training includes the hands, the eyes, the body, and stances. Internal training includes the heart, the spirit, the mind, breathing, and strength.

Traditional Kung Fu

Traditional Kung Fu training is designed to turn your body into a well-functioning machine. The movements, training, and techniques are meant to stay with you for your entire life. You will be training for a lifetime of health, happiness, confidence, and self-defense.

Southern Shaolin

A true Southern Shaolin school will teach you an art that was used for war. You will learn to use every move in a form to defend yourself. Southern Shaolin Kung Fu if handed down and taught traditionally, is not a sport but a reality based street self-defense. In the end the only trophy that those fighting monks of Shaolin could win in ancient China was their life.

5 Animals Kung Fu Benefits

The Tiger increases bone density, mental and physical power; The Snake increases Qi flow and extension; The Dragon is said to brighten the spirit of a person (bestow mental and emotional clarity); The Leopard increases muscular strength, speed, and agility; The Crane increases range of rotation, flexibility while strengthening connective tissues.

Training Methods

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Group Training
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Personal Training
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Intensive Training
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