Corporate Self Defense Training

There is a growing trend in companies providing their employees with personal safety training in the workplace as part of their corporate well-being initiatives for their staff. What a fantastic way for a company to show that it appreciates its staff and cares for their welfare. The course also provides a great opportunity for team building and boosting company morale.

Nobody EVER Expects To Be Attacked… Until It Happens. But If An Attacker Thrusts A Knife In Your Face Or Grabs You From Behind, Would You Know What To Do?

Few reasons to include personal protection (self defense) training in your Corporate World:
1. Employees who feel safer experience less stress: This may translate into less stress related illness, less lost time due to being sick, and higher productivity. This can mean long-term realized cost savings to any employer.
2. Self Defense training can prevent workplace violence: The phenomenon of workplace violence is growing at an alarming rate around the world. The costs associated with dealing with workplace violence after the fact is astronomical. A small investment in quality training today can prevent catastrophic losses in the future.
3. Self Defense training helps with Teamwork/Teambuilding: Properly structured training brings coworkers together in problem solving exercises. Emotional and psychological barriers to personal achievement can be explored in a supportive environment, with the help of co-workers.
4. Martial Arts based training improves employee morale and discipline: Martial Arts researched have shown that regular martial arts training created greater self-discipline, stronger work ethics, and more psychologically well adjusted to the practitioners.
5. Self Defense training increases creative problem solving: Self Defense training helps employees learn to overcome obstacles creatively. This may translate into greater on the job creativity, problem solving ability, and thinking "outside the box".
6. Self Defense training instills confidence: Martial arts based training helps people build confidence and become great leaders. Public speaking may also be enhanced, as well as greater leadership presence.
While I teach prevention strategies as being the first line of defense, I also teach practical physical defenses that use gross motor skills, making them easy to learn and use while under the high stress conditions of an assault.

This course’s primary goals are to expose students to the basics of self-defense and to help students develop an interest in self-defense and/or martial arts. Additionally, our goals are to get students to a higher proficiency of self-defense ability and to encourage students to evaluate themselves and their particular morals with regard to using self-defense techniques. That is, how does the use of force in self-defense work (or not work) within students’ personal ethical beliefs? Our final goal is to increase the physical fitness levels of the students.


Introduction to fighting stances. Defending yourself against attacks from the side, hair pull defense, using common objects as weapons of self-defense. Punching basics and footwork. Rape & Sexual Assaults.


Ground fighting basics / standing fighting basics. Defending yourself against assaults from behind including defense against bear hugs, arm, wrist, and shoulder grabs, Headlocks. Throwing and falling / basic kicking defense. OC/CS Spray.


Two turns and ground fighting basics / punch blocking and knee strikes. Defending yourself against assaults from the front, Basic Blocking Methods, Basic defensive attacks to the front. Defense against chokes / kicking basics. Muggers & Street Robberies.


Basic ground fighting controls and turns / elbow strikes and punch. How to avoid being thrown to the ground, Defending yourself from the ground, Striking your attacker from the ground, Getting up from the ground, Pressure points and nerve strikes. Date & Acquaintance Rape.


5 principles of Self Defense, How not to be targeted, How to use your body as a weapon for Self Defense, What are the target areas on an attacker, Basic striking techniques and target striking. Escapes from mount and guard / blocking test preparation. Takedown defense/ front and roundhouse kicking. Knife and gun attacks. Home & Car Security.


Ground fighting test preparation / blocking test preparation. Review content of all previous sessions including scenario enactments and practice. Review/sparring/ etc. Skills test

Training Methods

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Personal Training
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