Intensive Training Curriculum

Roots — Just like a tree needs roots to connect with the earth, a martial artist needs stable stances and powerful legs. Shifu Zhao Hui covers the horse stance, cat stance, bow stance and fighting stance, as well as the ankle cut, back sweep, cutting knee kick, low front kick, Round kick and side kick. Extra: Shifu Zhao Hui teaches the Shaolin Tui Fa form to develop your roots!
Trunk — Just like a tree needs a sturdy trunk to withstand attacks, a martial artist needs a torso that can absorb strikes, facilitate counters and move quickly when evasion is required. Shifu Zhao Hui draws on the movements of the monkey and the snake. Shifu Zhao Hui teaches essential Shaolin exercises for fortifying your trunk, including the traditional Shen Fa form!
Branches — Just like a tree needs branches for protection from the elements, a martial artist needs effective hand skills. In Shaolin Kung Fu, they include the Tiger claw,Snake hand, Eagle claw, Leopard claw, Mantis hand and Dragon hand, as well as punches and palm strikes. Extra: Shifu Zhao Hui teaches all these moves, along with the Shaolin Shou Fa form.
Self-Defense Combinations — Just like a tree needs roots, a trunk and branches to thrive, a martial artist needs all three components to create a body that’s healthy and capable of fending off threats. Shifu Zhao Hui demonstrates 10 self-defense options for dealing with common attacks.


The Concept of Roots
1. Roots Technique 1: Horse Stance and Moving Horse Stance
2. Roots Technique 2: Fighting Stance — Moving Backward
3. Roots Technique 3: Fighting Stance — Moving Forward
4. Roots Technique 4: Ankle Pull
5. Roots Technique 5: Ankle Cut
6. Roots Technique 6: Back Sweep
7. Roots Techniques 7 and 8: Cutting Knee Kick — Inside and Outside
8. Roots Technique 9: Low Front Kick With Heel
9. Roots Technique 10: Low Front Kick With Toe
10. Roots Techniques 11 and #12: Low and High Round Kicks
11. Roots Techniques 13 and #14: Low and High Side Kicks
12. Roots Technique 15: High Back-Spinning Kick
13. Roots Technique 16: Knee-Up Cutting Leg
14. Roots Exercise 1: Single-Leg Squat
15. Roots Exercise 2: Holding Leg in the Air
16. Roots Exercise 3: Cat Stance
17. Roots Exercise 4: Horse Stance
18. Roots Exercise 5: Bow Stance
19. Roots Exercise 6: Single-Leg Jump
20. Shaolin Tui Fa: Traditional Form to Develop Roots


The Concept of Trunk
1. Trunk Techniques 1 and 2: Sanda
2. Trunk Technique 3: Snake — Shexing Xiadun
3. Trunk Technique 4: Shoulders — Zhou/You Gezhou
4. Trunk Exercise 1: Sit-Ups
5. Trunk Exercise 2: Back Sit-Ups
6. Trunk Exercises 3 and 4: Side Bends and Forward/Backward Bends
7. Trunk Exercise 5: Bridge
8. Shaolin Shen Fa: Traditional Form to Develop the Trunk


The Concept of Branches
Branches Technique 1: Vertical Punch
Branches Technique 2: Horizontal Punch
Branches Technique 3: Tiger Claw
Branches Technique 4: Snake Hand
Branches Technique 5: Eagle Claw
Branches Technique 6: Leopard Claw
Branches Technique 7: Mantis Hand
Branches Technique 8: Dragon Hand
Branches Technique 9: Palm
Branches Exercise 1: Loose Hands
Branches Exercise 2: Wrist Rotation
Branches Exercise 3: Plank
Branches Exercise 4: Windmill
Shaolin Shou Fa: Traditional Form to Develop the Branches


The Concept of Combinations
1. Self-Defense Combos 1: Groin Kick to Takedown
2. Self-Defense Combos 2: Face Punch to Monkey Defense
3. Self-Defense Combos 3: Punch to Knee Thrust
4. Self-Defense Combos 4: Push to Elbow
5. Self-Defense Combos 5: Grab to Low Sweep
6. Self-Defense Combos 6: Punch to Tiger Claw
7. Self-Defense Combos 7: Punch to Throat Strike
8. Self-Defense Combos 8: Punch to Arm Counterattack
9. Self-Defense Combos 9: Kick to Neck Counterattack
10. Self-Defense Combos 10: Punch to Eagle Claw

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