Gun Disarming Techniques

Gun Disarming and Manipulation Techniques
Nobody EVER Expects To Be Attacked Until It Happens. But If An Attacker pint A Gun In Your Face Or Grabs You From Behind with a gun, Would You Know What To Do?

Any gun defense you use must assume that the attacker will grip the gun tightly. He may not. But you won't know if he will or not, so you need to be prepared in case he does. Any gun defense you use must also assume that the attacker will be uncooperative, resist your techniques, and actively fight you. The attacker will likely try to pull the gun away, strike you, and re-grab the gun if you are able to take it from him. Again, he may not, but assuming that he will grip the gun softly, let you take it, and not fight back, is not a risk worth taking.

Don't trust your life, or those of your family members, to training from anyone who is not a professional. Professional training saves you time, money, and a whole lot of grief in the long run. It is also some of the safest training that you will find. Being able to safely handle your firearm is something that absolutely must be learned from a professional who is knowledgeable about proper handgun techniques and has dealt with the various aspects of safety on a daily basis.

Gun Disarming Tactics for the Streets goes beyond safety and shooting fundamentals. Using modern police, military, and training techniques, you will learn how to disarm your opponent using just a few empty hand skills and with improvised weapons of any types. +This program integrates step-by-step training to create a comprehensive course for tactical law enforcement training and martial artists. Whether you deploy it from home defense or to disarm a criminal or terrorist in a self-defense situation, knowing how to use a handgun is a must in today's violent world.

I teach techniques that allow you to “train as you fight and therefore fight as you train”. All courses are designed to physically and mentally challenge the student as well as promote a sense of security and self-confidence in one’s ability to react to life and death situations. In short, I teach real world, down and dirty defensive firearms fighting techniques.
Why I make the recommendation for everyone:
A healthy respect for the danger of firearms starts from understanding not ignorance. Ignorance breeds irrational fear, which breeds poor decisions. Love them or hate them, guns are part of our world. Even if you live in a country where guns are banned completely, criminals are still armed. You should understand the capabilities of firearms so that you can more realistically learn to defend against them.

Gun Defense Techniques
Gun threats are extremely dangerous, and if the attacker simply wants your money or valuables, the safest option is generally to give the attacker what he wants. The only way you should ever consider attempting a physical defense against a gun threat is when your life is in danger, if the attacker is about to kill you, or if he tells you to go with him to another location. In order to successfully use a gun defense or disarm, you also must be close enough to your attacker to do the defense before he is able to react and shoot you.

Most gun defenses I've seen are also likely to fail. Even the best of them often have holes that are difficult to see, holes that can end up with you getting shot even if you do them correctly. There are several problems with most gun defenses:
1. They don't work if the opponent grips the gun tightly.
2. They don't work if the opponent quickly pulls back.
3. They don't work if the opponent attempts to strike you with his other hand during your defense, or if he uses his other hand to block your attack.
4. They don't work if the opponent attempts to re-grab the gun after you take it away.
5. They don't work if the barrel of the gun is not long enough.

Main Training Curriculum in Short:
Level - 1:
To Complete This Level You Must Demonstrate the following:
1. Gun Against Your Back
2. Control Weapon And Disarm
3. Seizing The Weapon

Level - 2:
To Complete This Level You Must Demonstrate the following:
1. Disarm And Move Away
2. Controlling The Weapon
3. Disarm And Close The Distance
4. Gun Held To Back Of Head

Level - 3:
To Complete This Level You Must Demonstrate the following:
1. Moving Inside And Outside
2. Weapon Retention: Lie Down While Firing


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