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Shaolin Kung Fu Weapons - Short Sticks

The short stick is versatile for quick blocks, strikes, traps, disarms, and counterattack movements. It can be easily concealed, as in being hidden in a jacket or behind ones back. It is practical, since you are able to use many everyday objects to apply and take advantage of short stick applications. Police and other law enforcement personnel, as well as the military, use the short stick in different forms of batons, for enforcing the law and to maintain the peace.

Short stick techniques and training methodologies have guidelines which are designed to direct the practitioner in order to help insure the applications are both practical and precise. Though specific training methodologies may vary from school to school and even from instructor to instructor, the basic theories, concepts and principles of short stick techniques remains constant.

Once educated in these methodologies, an individual, under the guidance of a qualified instructor, is able to create an almost limitless series of techniques. How many techniques and variations to each technique is only limited by the knowledge and imagination of the individual.

Stick fighting skills are important for modern day self-defense applications for the following reasons:
1. Using a Stick to Protect Yourself – When used correctly, a stick can be a very effective self-defense weapon. Generally, stick strikes can cause severe blunt-force trauma injuries. Sticks are also ubiquitous and can be readily employed in many self-defense situations. Fighting with sticks will give you the skills necessary to use the weapon effectively and efficiently under a variety of combat situations.

2. Defending Against a Stick Attack – There is always the possibility that you can be attacked by a stick wielding criminal. Stick combat actually teaches you about the weapon’s strengths, weaknesses and limitations. This information is vital if you are going to effectively defend against the weapon or perform a stick disarming technique.

Training Methodologies:
Here are several methodologies which can be used with the short stick to defend against both unarmed and weapon attacks in my training methods:
1. Block the weapon.
2. Re-direct the weapon.
3. Srike the arm holding the weapon.
4. Re-direct the arm holding the weapon.
5. Strike the attacking arm.
6. Re-direct the attacking arm.
7. Strike body targets.
8. Trap the attacking arm.
9. Disarm the opponent.
10. Apply chokes.
11. Attack pressure point targets.
12. and more....

Details will be taught in practical training whenever you decided to learn the art of handling short sticks as your weapons of defense and attacks.

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