Women Self Defense Training

My Women’s Self Defense training is developed to provide woman with the necessary skills to defend themselves and their families… physically and mentally. Most women are assaulted by someone they know and 40 percent of the time the crime will happen in the victims own home. Facing the possibility of being the target of a violent crime is frightening, but there’s no need for women to live a paranoid-filled life. Although you can’t control every situation, you can make smarter decisions, like avoiding unnecessary risks. Learn to trust your intuition and how to defend yourself. Make the phrase “I hit like girl” strike fear into every would-be rapist out there.

My women self-defense training is developed on the premise that women of every body type and physical condition can learn the key skills of self-defense. Whether you are a girl in middle school, a mother, a business woman, and/or a senior citizen - you can very quickly learn extremely effective and practical techniques to keep you and your family safe!

Self defense for Women is extremely important as unfortunately, statistics show that all women are good candidates for violent crime at some point in their lives. When a woman’s safety is in danger, defending herself through Awareness, Preparation, De-Escalation, Avoidance and Fighting Back is the most ethical decision she can make for herself and her family.

Reasons why you should Learn Self Defense
Women are often times victims of abuse that is atrocious. There’s no excuse for anyone to hit a woman, and yet it happens a great deal. Violence erupts in the home, on the streets, in the job, in school yards, and often it is not men doing this alone, it’s women against each other and it’s chaotic to say the least. All women should learn martial arts, and there are some major reasons for this in our modern society. It would be nice to think that there is no need for it, but that’s not true, there is a need for it and it’s more important than ever.
1. Domestic Abuse
There is nothing that can prepare you for domestic abuse, and it’s something that has come to the forefront of the public opinion due to many situations going into the mainstream news. There is no excuse for this, and for women, this is a life shattering world to be in. Training in martial arts is not to be seen as a preparation for this, but rather a way to at least curb it enough to call for help. Before a hand is raised, confidence in knowing that you can at least protect yourself is good. It can help, it’s not the answer, it’s a minor solution that can at least help for a moment and that moment can be used to call for help.
2. Self Defense
Walking home at night, to your car, an attacker can show up out of the blue. Learning how to stay calm and know pressure points for disarming a criminal is key. You may not be able to physically manhandle someone, but you may learn how to use momentum that they use against them. When someone approaches you from behind, you can use simple leverage to toss them over your shoulder or cast them to the ground, and run, call for help or strike. You get to control the situation and that’s important.
3. Strength
Women don’t always want to lift weights or to get “buff”. Learning martial arts can stretch muscle groups, reduce weight, and strengthen core muscles. This is a great benefit of martial arts training that will bleed into other aspects of life as a whole. Imagine being able to get up earlier, and run through your day without fatigue, lose weight and manage it. Keep up with the kids, and protect them if a criminal element steps in.
It’s important for little girls, teenagers, young adults, and women of all ages to learn how to defend themselves. We unfortunately do not live in utopia. Anything can happen, and we hope and pray that it doesn’t. However, if something goes awry, more women should rise up and control things, which is what can happen when they learn martial arts.

1. Always know your surroundings
2. Keep a phone and phone numbers close.
3. Always avoid potentially dangerous situations
4. Yell – Be Loud – Fight with 100% conviction, 100% of the time.
5. Vary your routes
6. Use the buddy system
7. Make sure that someone always knows where you are.

It is recommended that women do ongoing self-defense classes as it is not possible to enable anyone to be able to competently and confidently defend themselves against an aggressive or violent attacker in a "short course".

There are four grading available for women doing the self-defense program. The usual time taken to complete these is around 3 to 6 months.

First Grade

Introduction, 5 principles of Self Defense, How not to be targeted, How to use your body as a weapon for Self Defense, What are the target areas on an attacker, Basic striking techniques and target striking. First Grade covers basic issues that apply to the use of self-defense, the importance of developing appropriate strategies for self-defense, the use of the voice, and "easy to learn and use" techniques.These techniques are in two categories for the first Grade, disengaging techniques that allow the defender to use minimum force to escape, and disabling techniques for a more dangerous situation. These techniques usually involve a strike or kick and the use of the voice to escape.

Second Grade

The Second Grade introduces defenses against weapon attacks and a wider range of options for defending against a violent attacker. How to avoid being thrown to the ground, Defending yourself from the ground, Striking your attacker from the ground, Getting up from the ground, Pressure points and nerve strikes. Defending yourself against assaults from the front, Basic Blocking Methods, Basic defensive attacks to the front,

Third Grade

The Third Grade concentrates on controlling the attacker and introduces the use of sticks and knife in self-defense. Blind folded defenses and multiple attackers are dealt with in this Grade. Defending yourself against assaults from behind including defense against bear hugs, arm, wrist, and shoulder grabs, Headlocks. Defending yourself against attacks from the side, hair pull defense, using common objects as weapons of self defense.

Fourth Grade

The Fourth Grade is a weapon Grade involving the use of improvised weapons and Review content of all previous sessions including scenario enactments and practice.

We also work with you on many other common criminal predatory scenarios including:
1. Protecting your Child
2. Public Event and Transportation Awareness
3. When Going on Vacation
4. ATM and Banking Security
5. Vehicle and Parking security
6. Avoiding Crimes when Parking
7. Safety while your Child’s Alone
8. Home Security Tips
9. Rape and Sexual Assault Prevention
10. Identity Theft and Personal Information Safety
11. Party Safety & Date Rape Precautions
12. Violent Crime Scenarios – Rape, Assault, Robbery
13. Common Sense Street Safety
14. Burglary Prevention – Residential & Commercial
15. Staying Safe During the Holidays
16. Con Artists
17. Holdup Prevention
18. Jogging and Playground Awareness
19. Personal Protection Items
20. Confronting Danger
21. Tips for Avoiding Crime
22. Property Marking

Training Methods

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Personal Training
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