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UNFORTUNATELY, I DON'T GIVE TRIAL OR DEMO CLASSES ANYMORE. You may TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. YOU TRUST ME, YOU WON'T REGRET, YOU DON'T OR DOUBT ME, LOOK ELSEWHERE. If you want to know more information about me, you may kindly call / message at:

  • First One

    Shaolin Kung Fu

    I teach authentic Shaolin Temple Wushu. My training approach focuses on developing strong, basic fundamentals and progress each student based on their full potential. My Shaolin Wushu curriculum is divided into 8 programs. Traditionally, there's no grading system in Shaolin Wushu.

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  • First One

    Muay Thai

    Want to learn the ancient art form of Muay Boran training? Kru Zhao Hui offers you the chance to learn Thai boxing with his unique training. You will learn kicks, punches, elbow & knee attacks and defense, ducks and more martial arts inspired moves to tone your whole body while improving balance, explosive strength and flexibility and fighting skills.

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  • second one

    Kick Boxing

    Kick Boxing is the perfect total body workout, and the fastest way to toned fighter physique you seek. You'll learn complete Kick Boxing and Western-Style Boxing skills combinations. My Kick Boxing training includes cardio calisthenics, bag work, punches, kicks, knee & elbow strikes, partner drills, pad work, and core strengthening exercises and more.

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  • second one

    Jeet Kune Do

    Jeet means to intercept or to stop; Kune is the Fist; and “Do” is the way, – The Way of the Intercepting Fist. Come and learn the various styles of martial arts that Bruce Lee incorporated into Jeet Kune Do, such as Muay Thai, BJJ, Wing Chun and more. A practical hybrid martial arts to learn and defend yourself in different situations. No experience is required.

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  • second one

    Ground Combat / Mixed Martial Art

    Ground Combat / MMA is a highly functional fighting sport using several martial arts styles such as: Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Boxing, Kick Boxing, Judo, Karate, Kung Fu and others. My program is well rounded in all these areas. Whether you are a person who wants to compete, or looking for a tough recreational sport, this is a great class for you.

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  • third gym training

    Corporate Training

    Dear Corporates, everyday your employees with with no skills or knowledge to defend themselves? Be it walking to their car at night in an empty parking lot, domestic violence, or just going about their day-to-day activities? Help PROTECT YOUR EMPLOYEES by giving them the benefit of a self-defense with Sifu Zhao Hui.

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  • fourth muscle

    Wing Chun

    Wing Chun was created by the Buddhist nun Ng Mui, who was a master of Shaolin Kung Fu. Using her martial training and personal experience, she synthesized a compact form of Kung Fu to exploit weaknesses inherent in the other combat styles of her time and give an advantage to smaller fighters like herself.

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  • training fifth

    Tai Chi / Qi Gong Training

    Tai Chi can be classified as a type of Qi Gong. Qi Gong epitomizes traditional Chinese wisdom culture. We could say that Qi Gong is the parent, and Tai Chi is one of the children. Traditionally, Tai Chi’s primary focus was martial arts while Qi Gong is a mind-body training skill that can regulate body, breath and mind to prevent and treat diseases.

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  • gym training

    Krav Maga

    he Krav Maga method is intended not only for the security forces, but also for other non-military target groups such as women, young people, and also, of course, average adults. There is no special training gear, just ordinary clothes, which is usually what we will be wearing when we find ourselves in a real state of danger.

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  • gym training

    Fitness Training

    A fitness training is a strategy that details the exercises you should perform in order to reach your goals, and the amount of time you should spend on each exercise. Each programme is tailored specifically to the person’s needs and goals. Example, people looking for muscle building will need a different plan from those looking to lose weight.

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  • gym training

    Weapons Training

    My Weapons imparts hand-eye coordination, heightened reflexes, and discipline to students. Weapons training adds excitement and an extra level of difficulty which helps build increased focus, and coordination through target and partner drills. In today’s warfare, ancient weapons find no place. However, they will forever be remembered as symbols of blood-stained battlefields which shapes the modern world we live today.

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  • gym training

    Women Self Defense

    Don't let danger catch you off-guard. Come and learn how to defend yourself against any real-world threat with the help of Self-Defense training. This program is providing quick and effective strategies for any situation. No prior experience is necessary. My curriculum is evidence-based and trauma-informed.

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Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes”. “Take things as they are. Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick”. Because my master was this renaissance man, I wasn't just learning a fighting style, I was learning how Kung Fu permeates all aspects of life, from eating to healthy living to mental state.

There are two rules for being successful in Martial Arts.

Rule 1: Never tell others everything you know.

Rule 2: While combat efficiency is a primary function of Shaolin Kung Fu, a more immediate and useful benefit in our law-abiding society is attaining radiant health and vitality.

Read and Decide

I teach authentic Martial Arts. My training approach focuses on developing strong, basic fundamentals and progress each student based on their full potential.

First Class

Group Training

The group training offers the opportunity for creating great relationships with like-minded individuals. Group training is valuable because you will have the opportunity to try out the skills you learn on other individuals of differing sizes. These sessions tend to be fast-paced and offer a great workout while you learn valuable self-defense skills.

Second Training

Personal Training

One to One Personal Training sessions are available to increase the learning curve. Tailored programs are structured to take your training forward at a faster pace and focus on individual personal development. Popular for those who are training towards a higher grade or are interested in becoming a complete Human Being.

Advantages of Personal Training Individual Attention: Personal trainings focus on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has a different approach to learning, so getting one-on-one attention will help to provide this person with all the tools needed to progress him/her in a way he/she fully understand.

Appropriate Pace: A group Class involves students of many skill levels and depending on where you fit in you might feel you are not getting the individual attention you need. Private lessons go at the student’s learning pace, stopping whenever necessary to review concepts, repeat material, or explore a topic the student shows an interest in.

Skills Development: For more advanced students, private attention is needed to work on acute, detailed issues as well as advanced interpretation. Issues such as technique and precision are also better dealt with privately.

Progress: Progress is almost always faster in a private lesson than in a group lesson.

Stability: Private lessons can be tailor-made for each student, separate and apart from the needs of the group. Your journey is different than anyone else, and it can be fostered in a more specified way with private lessons.

Third Class

Intensive Training

Interested in improving your existing level of fitness or dramatically changing your current lifestyle, defend yourself confidently? Many of the techniques taught in this program are not covered in the group and personal training martial arts programs. It is intended to fill a gap in overall self defense training for serious people only.

Fourth Training

On-Request Training

Would you be able to defend yourself and your loved ones if someone were to physically attack you? It’s a question most of us don’t want to consider, but violence is, unfortunately, a fact of life. Thankfully, regardless of strength, size, or any type of training, anyone can learn several effective self-defense techniques. Here’s how you're going to learn how to prepare for and stay safe in common real-world violent situations from Sifu Zhao Hui.

Under this, students are given the opportunity to choose which and what they wanted to pursue further one item or course at a time only. It's for serious people who wish to under-go one program as major training. Courses can be chosen from Shaolin Wushu, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Taichi, Qi Gong, Weapons and etc.

Training Fees

You may think that my training fee's very high and expensive.

Yes I agree, but what I imparted to my students, no one

complain about my teaching methods, techniques and

knowledges, etc and also my students were totally satisfied. The

Fee's you are paying is nothing compared to the Martial Arts

Training Programs I'm going to teach you.

Feel free to go and taste with some other Martial Arts Trainings,

be it 1-Day, 1-Week, 1-Month, 3-Months and so on. After that

whenever you have time, you can come to me to take trial class

by paying Rs.1300/- per session per hour. I guaranteed your full

satisfactions and you won't look back anymore. I'm telling you

all these things based on my personal experiences only.

Shaolin Wushu Training
1. Beginner/Novice - 09 Months - Rs.4500 / Month Group Training
2. Novice - 15 Months
3. Intermediate - 06 Months
4. Advance/Senior - 30 Months
5. Rs.18500 for 12 Classes [Personal Training]
Self Defense Training
Basic - 06 Months - Rs.4500 / Month Group Training
Intermediate - 06 Months
Advance - 12 Months
Very Advance - 12 Months
Rs.18500 for 12 Classes [Personal Training]
Training For Tournament
1. Level - 1 - 06 Months] - Rs.4500 / Month Group Training
2. Level - 2 - 06 Months]
3. Level - 3 - 12 Months]
4. Level - 4 - 12 Months]
5. Rs.18500 for 12 Classes [Personal Training]
Fitness Taining
Abs / Chest / Leg - 12 Months - Rs.4500 / Month Group Training
Core/Shoulder/Arms - 12 Months
Weight Loss - 12 Months
Full Body - 12 Months
Rs.18500 for 12 Classes [Personal Training]
Tai Chi Training
1. Level 1 & 2 - 09 Months] - Rs.4500 / Month For Group Training
2. Level 3 & 4 - 09 Months]
3. Level 5 & 6 - 09 Months]
4. Level 7 - 12 Months]
5. Rs.18500 for 12 Classes [Personal Training]
Qi Gong Training
Beginner/Novice - 09 Months - Rs.4500 / Month For Group Training
Novice - 15 Months
Intermediate - 06 Months
Advance/Senior - 30 Months
Rs.18500 for 12 Classes [Personal Training]
Krav Maga Training
1. Yellow Belt - 04 Months] - Rs.4500 / Month For Group Training
2. Orange Belt - 06 Months]
3. Green Belt - 09 Months]
4. Blue Belt - 12 Months]
5. Brown Belt - 12 Months]
6. Black Belt - 12 Months]
7. Rs.18500 for 12 Classes [Personal Training]
Weapons Training
Dao [Swords] - 09 Months - Rs.4500 / Month For Group Training
Long / Short Staff - 12 Months
3-Section Staff - 12 Months
9-Section Chain Whip - 12 Months
Knife- 24 Months
Guns - 09 Months
Improvised Weapons - 06 Months
Rs.18500 for 12 Classes [Personal Training]
Lethwei Muay Thai Kick Boxing Training
1. Basic - 06 Months - Rs.4500 / Month For Group Training
2. Intermediate - 06 Months
3. Advance - 12 Months
4. Very Advance - 24 Months
5. Rs.18500 for 12 Classes [Personal Training]
Ground Combat Training
Level - 1 - 06 Months - Rs.4500 / Month For Group Training
Level - 2 - 06 Months
Level - 3 - 12 Months
Level - 4 - 12 Months
Rs.18500 for 12 Classes [Personal Training]
Jeet Kune Do Training
1. Beginner 1 & 2 - 12 Months - Rs.4500 / Month For Group Training
2. Intermediate 1 & 2 - 12 Months
3. Advance 1 - 12 Months
4. Advance 2 - 12 Months
5. Rs.18500 for 12 Classes [Personal Training]
Wing Chun Training
Beginner 1 to 4 - 06 Months - Rs.4500 / Month For Group Training
Intermediate 5 to 8 - 06 Months
Senior 9 to 12 - 12 Months
Very Advance - 12 Months
Rs.18500 for 12 Classes [Personal Training]
Corporate / Women Self Defense
1. Level - 1 - 06 Months - Rs.4500 / Month For Group Training
2. Level - 2 - 06 Months
3. Level - 3 - 12 Months
4. Level - 4 - 12 Months
5. Rs.18500 for 12 Classes [Personal Training]
Law Enforcement Training
1. Basic Level - 06 Months - Rs.4500 / Month For Group Training
2. Intermediate Level - 06 Months
3. Advance Level - 12 Months
4. Graduate Level - 12 Months
5. Rs.18500 for 12 Classes [Personal Training]

Know Your Trainer

Feel Free to Critisize me, I don't care because I know what I'm teaching and I've very very very confident.

Sifu Zhao Hui Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor
Shaolin and Tai Chi Trainer

Sifu Zhao Hui

Pride and Ego has no place in Shaolin Kung Fu. Come and Taste the Art of this Ancient Martial Arts of China. And, Tai Chi strengthens both the Lower and Upper extremities and also the Core muscles of the back and Abdomen.

Sifu Zhao Hui Military Commando Trainer
Military Commando Trainer

Sifu Zhao Hui

Do you love your country, parents, siblings, relatives and friends and most importantly, fellow human beings? Train with Sifu Zhao Hui today.

hifu Zhao Hui Self Defense and Fitness Trainer
Self Defense & Fitness Trainer

Sifu Zhao Hui

Self-Defense is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm. Fitness training is a combination of regular physical exercises and a healthy diet.

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